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Optimizing Solar Cells

New materials and innovative synthesis methods address problems with solar cell efficiency and cost. Continue reading

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Metal migration damages perovskite solar cells

Heat-induced migration of metal contacts is one culprit behind the degradation that plagues otherwise efficient perovskite solar cells. Continue reading

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The Race for Renewables

New solar harnessing materials along with novel production techniques are improving the efficiency of solar power. Continue reading

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On the way to Multiband Solar Cells

Wladek Walukiewicz of the Materials Sciences Division led the development of the first intermediate band solar cell to demonstrate charge transfer across all three band transitions – valence/intermediate, intermediate/conducting, and conducting/valence. These results open the door to high-efficiency solar cells and multicolor light emitters. Continue reading

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Plant-inspired Catalysts Smooth the Route to Cleaner Energy

When it comes to generating energy from sunlight, Mother Nature knows best—and scientists are taking clues from her. Continue reading

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