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A Faster Charge for Electric Vehicles

A simple heating routine speeds up Li-ion battery charging to just 10
minutes. Continue reading

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Leaking oxygen leaves gaps deep within lithium-ion battery electrodes

Mapping the structure left behind after oxygen atoms seep from the electrodes could lead to new fixes that improve the batteries’ lifetime. Continue reading

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There’s a lithium battery in your future

The latest approaches toward developing batteries with higher energy density for electric vehicles and other applications. Continue reading

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EMSL User Program Facilitates Transferable Postdocs

DOE User Facility lets postdocs develop expertise in broad-reaching research and applicable techniques. Continue reading

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On the way to Multiband Solar Cells

Wladek Walukiewicz of the Materials Sciences Division led the development of the first intermediate band solar cell to demonstrate charge transfer across all three band transitions – valence/intermediate, intermediate/conducting, and conducting/valence. These results open the door to high-efficiency solar cells and multicolor light emitters. Continue reading

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Sensitive and Specific: A New Way of Probing Electrolyte/Electrode Interfaces

Berkeley Lab researchers’ novel diffraction spectroscopy technique will provide insight to chemical processes at important battery interface. Continue reading

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Berkeley Lab Study Reveals Molecular Structure of Water at Gold Electrodes

Berkeley Lab researchers have developed a method not only to look at the molecules next to the electrode surface, but to determine their arrangement changes depending on the voltage. Continue reading

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